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Learking in the shadows on stage and off, Koozmani's mysterious & sneeky bass lines fill the sound with syncopated authority. His love for Hip hop and the Cardiacs along with his obscure artistic visions bring a pen and paper insight, providing the pulse & silent voice of reason behind Mondays Lie.

In the words of Koozmani Jenkins himself, "I like boobs (insert motorboat noise) Aint nuttin wrong with that...  heavy on the nuttin"

Angry "E" brings an onslaught of energy, groove and dynamics to any project on stage and in the studio.

Angry's love for the raw power of hard core music and in depth appreciation for the precision of jazz, technical metal and progressive iis evident in his style. Eric's fleet footed thunder beats mesh well with his intracate stick work.


Angry "E" is the heartbeat & driving force behind Mondays Lie..

Problemalik's voice takes a breath of mysterious and a dose of reality to the dynamic ups and downs of the music. His  heavy & calculated guitar riffs accent the trance-like vocals & melodies found throughout the songs.


Problemalik is the guy who talks when he thinks, and thinks when he talks, and once pushed in front of a microphone......becomes the mouth of Mondays Lie.


"The mind is always moving, churning new ideas, thoughts, melodies, allusions, perceptions, tricking the ear.... that voodoo music type shit"

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