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Mondays Lie is an American alternative Power Trio formed from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan

Mondays Lie sound has a free form style and rock tone that walks the line of new age grunge and heavy rock & roll blues. The dynamic music has trance-like melodies and real life lyrics, fueled by high energy rhythms & grooves.

"We let each other nourish on the breath of freedom, and play like we trade a bit of our souls to one another. Distance each other from each of our realities. And rush to the Isle of the unknown. It is there we find the empty canvas. It is there we revel, not only each other's strengths, but more importantly, in our weaknesses. Where one may see a slip up or a missed beat, we see another trail that has yet to be trodden. And we take it. - Because in those imperfect moments...we have found perfection"

Since coming on the scene in 2011 while pushing a self-produced Demo, the live stage shows have proven to be a solid sound and an explosive balance of musicianship and emotion. Each show embraced with a slightly different projection of pink floyd-ish visuals.
Mondays Lie has been blessed with the ability to jam and perform with the most amazing musicians and entertainers from east to west coast. Decades of combined experience in the industry is evident in the passion displayed on stage and the musical company the band keeps close.

                                                                                  GET YOUR LIE ON!!!

The band’s sound has been subjected to many awesome comparisons by listeners at shows such as....
A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Chevelle, Deftones, Helmet, Clutch, Alice in Chains, Nonpoint, Mudvayne & Tool.
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